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Saltdal Museum
Located at Saltnes, about 1 km east of Rognan, this village is a collection of original
rural buildings, moved to the site of the old Skippergården Farm. The main building is
from about 1750. The original owners were sailors and traders, as well as farmers. They
sailed their ships to Bergen loaded with fish and furs, and returned loaded with corn and
consumer goods for the people of Saltdal.

The «Blood Road» Museum
This museum is located on the same site as Saltdal Museum. Located in an original German
barracks, the museum helps to show how the prisoners of war lived and worked
from the time of their arrival in 1942, until the end of the war in 1945. The museum
was opened by the Minister of Transport in May 1995, as part of the 50th Anniversary
celebration of Norway’s liberation. Some parts of the museum are accessible for wheelchairs.
Visiting hours at The Saltdal Museum and The "Blood Road" Museum:
During the summer season, ca. June 20th-August 20th : daily 11.00-17.00.
Children/students - free.
Adults - kr 35.
Groups - kr 30 per person.


For tours outside opening hours:
Saltdal Museum, 8250 Rognan, 75503535.


The War Cemetery in Botn
Botn lies 5 km east of Rognan. Of the 2,368 Yugoslavian prisoners of war who died in Norway during the war, 1,657 of them are buried at the Botn War Cemetery. The German Regional Cemetery, with 2,730 soldiers, is also located here, along with a Memorial Plaque dedicated to the 2,000 Germans who died when the battleship Scharnhorst sank.
Near the two cemeteries stands a Memorial for the 111 Russians who were buried here, but who were later moved to another location in Nordland County
Artic Lys, foto Tomas EvjenArtic Lys & Design AS, 8255 Røkland, tel. 75 68 07 00.
The only Candlemaker´s centre in the north of Norway. Fabulous exhibitions over special themes - made of candles. You can also see how the candles are manufactured.

The Blood Road
The road from Saltnes to Saksenvik got its name from the prisoners of war who worked building the road. A Memorial Plaque, dedicated to the Yugoslavs who died while building the "Blood Road," is located 1 km from the bridge which crosses the Saltdal River.
There are also war memorials at Stamnes, Sundby, Røkland, Storjord and at the Arctic Circle.
Vensmoen is worth a visit, for its beautiful buildings from 1913-1916.
Vensmoen was until 1960 a TB Sanatorium and had Scandinavians longest wooden building, approximately 280 m long. The building was built in mainly two different styles.


Velkommen til foredrag om bygningsvern
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Susanne Lundeng med 111 Nordlandsslåtter til Saltdal
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Kulturskolen 2015/2016
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Ledig stilling: Konsulent idrett/barn og ungdom
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Intern utlysning - 2 renholdsstillinger
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Ledig stilling: Barnevernkonsulent, 100% stilling
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Internutlysning - Fagleder/Rådgiver, Rognan Ungdomsskole
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"Barn som pårørende"
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Ledig stilling som Oppsynsmann
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Ledig stilling: Sykepleier, 100% vikariat ved Saltdal sykehjem
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